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The mere reading this or any web page I've published does not create any relationship between us.   The web pages I publish are for general informational purposes only.


I'm Chris Whewell, a US Patent Agent with over 20 years experience writing and filing patent applications, and fighting for the patent rights of my clients from all over the world.  

When endeavoring on a new venture, the single most-important thing is to have a good business team.  Even the best inventions by themselves do not sell, a team is needed.  You may wish to consider including me on your team to cover the IP side.

I have hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in a wide range of technologies.   In 20 years of practice, I haven't had a single dis-satisfied client.  I'm a licensed HAM operator KE5HYG, degreed chemist, experienced in mechanical inventions of all types, knowledgeable in the electrical arts, knowledgeable in computer networks, and expert in patent practice.  My first patent was US Patent 5,017,271.  

I earned a Master's Degree, cum laude, from the University of Texas in Technology Commercialization, see   

If you have an invention you are considering patenting or marketing, I can probably help you better than the vast majority of other patent practitioners because of my knowledge, experience, and skills.

I've had many successful experiences with the patent office over the years, including situations where other agents and patent attorneys had given up.  For an example of a patent where an inventors' lawyer told him to quit, who then hired me and I prevailed in obtaining him a valuable patent, see US Patent 6,662,479.  Another is US 6,245,240 in which the lawyer gave up and I prevailed. 

I have 8 years experience as the top in-house patent practitioner at a $10 Billion international corporation with a 240-case docket, managing outside counsel, writing NDA's and cooperative research agreements, counseling the company's inventors, among other deeds.

I've ghost-written dozens of cases for what used to be the world's largest automobile manufacturer.

I prevailed for a client in Opposition Proceedings at the EPO in Munich against a team of 12, when my lead lawyer broke his back the night before and was unable to attend, and all I was left with was a junior lawyer and a trainee.  I've worked extensively with patent lawyers from all over the world, including the EU, UK, China, Japan, the Russian Federation, Australia, Brazil, and others.

For an example of where a decorated primary examiner (awarded a gold medal by the Patent Commissioner himself) literally called me up and literally yelled at me that I won't allow this case, your claims are too broad, to which I responded there is no statutory basis for rejecting on breadth, and prevailed, see US Patent 6,593,495.  

For a peek at some of my methods, see US patent 8,008,239 or 8,510,031 or 6,564,394.  I am highly-creative, know what it takes to get a patent, and know how to argue and win.  If it appears at the beginning your invention is likely NOT patentable, I explain why, and in some cases we can go from there and do certain things to make it patentable.  Otherwise, I tell you to hang it up and do something else.  For an example of creative patent claiming, see US Patent 6,564,394.  

For a recent example (2014) where three examiners repeatedly rejected my client's claims on "obviousness", and in which I wrote a winning Brief that forced the Board of Patent Appeals to reversed the examiners, ask me about it.

If you need someone who's pragmatic, experienced and knowledgeable, the look no further.  Call or email me at:

Please do not send any confidential information via email.   

Chris Whewell, USPTO Reg. No. 37,469
M.S. , Technology Commercialization
Tel. (512) 756-7567
References available upon request.

Fields of Art:

* Mechanical;
* Consumer Products;
* Oilfield;
* Internet;
* kitchen gadgets;
* business methods;
* petrochemicals;
* ordnance;
* orthodontics;
* semiconductors;
* Chemical;
* Pharmaceutical;
* Electroplating;
* Mining;
* automotive;
* tool & die;
* sporting goods;
* sportswear;
* architecture;
* surface treatments;
* Methods and processes;
* bedroom devices;
* Etc., but no biotech and no software.

Other Quick Examples:  

Orthodontic appliances 7,033,171
How to patent a house  8,549,801
Internet-based System  8,510,031
Refueling coupling used in NASCAR 8,453,685
Semiconductors  7,112,921; 7,109,648; 6,987,353; 6,982,045
Oilfield equipment 6,893,484
Golf club 6,786,835  


Obviousness rejections can be the most difficult of all patent office rejections.  I overcome them regularly, and have even had patent examiners phone me over holiday to compliment me and tell me I'm right and issued the case as a patent.  Ask yourself how Andrew Jackson, Jim Bowie, or Edward Mandell House might overcome an obviousness rejection, then think of me.  

For an example of the first patent I wrote on my own invention and successfully argued against an obviousness rejection  2 years prior to even being registered to practice Patent Law before the USPTO, please see US patent 5,156,721.

In addition to fighting for my clients' patent rights, I perform:

* Counseling on whether your invention may be commercially viable;
* Patentability searches;
* Preparation and filing of US and international patent applications;
* Preparation and filing of Responses to patent office communications;
* US rep. for patent applications initially filed outside the USA; 
* Claims amended to conform to USPTO practice, when requested; and
* Cost control.

One of the most important aspects of patenting inventions, is the patentability search.   From a well-conducted search, we can write the best claims in view of the prior art, which saves valuable time in patent procurement, in addition to significant amounts of money.  I've done searches 23 years and typically find about half of the inventions presented to me already in the prior art via a search.  Patent searches are important so one does not expend resources (time & money) trying to patent something that's not patentable.  Yes, you can find people on the internet who claim to do a "patent search" for $300, but I would have doubts about the value of such a search.  A decent search should run about $650 on the lower end, depending on the field of technology.

One thing I am not, is a web designer.  I hope you excuse the appearance of this site, and hope my message has come through.

My Master's degree is in Technology Commercialization from UT Austin. You benefit with me - I cannot help but consider commercialization issues in every case I see and these considerations usually alter the course of business decision-making, saving you time and money.

Please click the blue boxes above and left for info on that topic.   Due to economic inflation, the PTO fees information may not always be up to date.

Ask about flat-rate fees, no hourly billing fees.  This means that you know what you're getting into up-front costwise, and won't be surprised with recurring bills.  Once I know the nature and complexity of your invention, I provide a price quote that I do not deviate from.  I will definitely save you money over other providers of patent services while delivering high-quality in a fast time frame.  

Skype ID is:   chris.whewell1

Please DO NOT email me any confidential information. 
Please phone me first at (512) 756-7567

SIMPLE INVENTION ?  Inventors frequently state "my invention is very simple."   If you would like to see an example of what a patent application on a "simple" device looks like , then CLICK HERE to view or download a sample patent application I wrote on a simple invention.


US Patent Search      I have over 
20 years of hands-on patent searching experience.  I can provide:

* a formal written search report;
* copies of all relevant patents found;

* if the invention appears patentable, then a detailed cost and timeline breakdown of what I would expect you should expect to pay to obtain a patent on the invention.

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patent application

If you have a good enough invention that you will make money selling it, others will definitely copy it.  The patent laws were designed to protect inventors by providing a limited monopoly on your invention so that only you can profit from your labors, if you take proper full advantage of the Law.

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Click on the links above and at the left for good information.

Provisional, Utility, or Design Patent Applications - Whatever route you choose, I'm with you every step of the way  until the day we either receive the patent grant, or we abandon all hope.   


"Value-minded inventors will recognize our affordable rates and quick service as a smart business use of resources.   Preparation of a utility patent application for as low as $ 3000 ? Yes, it is possible in some of the simpler cases.

patent services
Personal Support Personalized Service
I'm expedient, responsive, pragmatic, friendly, and highly-effective.   
patent search Consultation
Get a first or second opinion or let's perhaps discuss strategic options.  I've not had a dis-satisfied client in 20 years.  


You should consult with a professional patent practitioner before making any disclosures of your invention to anyone, to avoid forfeiting or waiving your rights.  I have seen many inventors make mistakes by acts and omissions they made prior to seeking advice.  Don't be in that crowd.  It really is worth the little money you would spend in seeking advice.


Email link below:

Thank you for visiting,
Yours very truly,

Chris Whewell, M.S.,
& US Patent Office Reg # 37,469

(512) 756-7567

Important Notice:   Use of this website will not establish an attorney-client, agent-client, or other commercial relationship.   No representations or warranties are made with respect to any of the information contained within this website, and particularly in reference to its accuracy or suitability for any purpose.  The material contained within this website and its links is for general information purposes only, and shall not be construed as legal advice; nor should it be relied upon in place of seeking legal advice relative to your individual situation from a qualified Patent Practitioner or Counsel.   

Since the law is always evolving, the information contained within this website may not always be current with the most recent changes.   Feel free to send comments or questions by phone or e-mail but please do not send confidential information in any initial contact.


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