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Product Development

    So, you have an idea.  How do you turn your idea into reality ?  A lot of inventors are good at working with their hands.  Some are not.  But you will somehow need to shape, mold, fabricate, or otherwise assemble something.  To quote the celebrated Mr. Edison, "To invent, Mr. Jehl, you must first learn to whittle."

    Not all inventors with good ideas are good whittlers.  For those of us who need help in reducing an idea from the conception stage to an actual model, there are various sources of technical help out there.  Of course, the less you do yourself, the more you must pay others to do your work for you. 

   Here are some people involved with product development whom I believe are very reputable:

John F. Sovis (216) 425-1749  I have met John a couple of times in Ohio at some inventor group                                                 meetings.   The last I knew he was the President of the Akron group.  John is an industrial engineer.

Ron Williams  (248) 423-1071

Susan Harrington (513) 482-4710    Idealine, Cincinnati, OH.  Website = http://www.idea-line.com

Robert J. Clark  (616) 396-4157   I haven't spoken to Robert since 1996 when I was in Holland, Mich.
                                                  He is a very enterprising young man with experience in marketing
                                                  various accesory products related to the automotive field.  
                                                  His email is obertro@macatawa.org

Bill Rusu (800) 544-4833         Inventor's Friend, Website =  http://www.aimdiscount.com


Mark Wayne (810) 629-3111     Martec Products International, Website = http://www.martecmpi.com


Aydin Akcasu (734) 455-0719    A Vision Inc.  Web Design,  Website = http://www.A-V-I.com

David B Owen (317) 571-0710   Invention Marketing  http://www.internetquest.com/patentplaza.html

Jim Lynn    ( 800) 973-9761        Show and Sell          http://www.showsell.com


Of course I can make no statement regarding the suitability of any of the above service providers for your needs, since I know nothing of your needs.  I do know that these folks have been in business for quite a while and are reputable.  As large as the geographical area of the US may be, the inventor community is small, and one can get to know quite quickly who is good and who is not.  Still, I like to make my own independent evaluation of the suitability of anything I am thinking about spending money on, before I spend it.  Hopefully, you will do the same.

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