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The Utility Patent Application

One often hears the words "utility patent" when considering the patenting of their invention.  A utility patent is the most common type of patent inventors obtain for their inventions.   It is also generally regarded as the most powerful type of patent you can get.

Patents can be broken down as falling within two classes: 1) utility patents; and 2) design patents.  Utility patents can be broken into four basic classes: 1) Article of Manufacture; 2) Process; 3) Machine; and 4) Composition of Matter.  The Patent Office also recognizes certain types of plant patents and business methods.   If your invention does not fall within one of these categories, then it may not be within a statutory class of patentable subject matter.

Most inventions we see are either Machine inventions or Articles of Manufacture.  If you have a question about any terms like "utility patent", etc., feel free to contact us.

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